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Western Togoland launch special taskforce

January 20, 2024
Western Togoland
Protestors gather for a demonstration demanding sovereignty of Western Togoland. Image: Elvis Washington

In a press release issued today, January 18, 2024, the Governing Council, and the Defense Council, in collaboration with the Executives of the Homeland Study Group Foundation (HSGF), announced the launch of a special task force to undertake specific assignments.

The outlined tasks include:

  1. Implementation of a campaign against voting in all territories falling within the borders of Togoland.
  2. Investigation and documentation of individuals assisting or collaborating with the Government of Ghana in the alleged unlawful arrest and detention of citizens advocating for Western Togoland.
  3. Monitoring and recording comments made in support of the government's actions through , live TV programs, interviews, and other platforms for future actions in their struggle.

The press release emphasizes that the call for Western Togoland is a human rights demand unrelated to the constitutional powers of Ghana.

It asserts that, under the covenants of the Universal Declaration on Human Rights, the people have the right to question the 1956 Plebiscite Union and demand an end to what they perceive as a “futureless union.”

The release addresses political leaders, urging them to respect universal rules governing civil and political activism, asserting that unwarranted arrests cannot suppress the right to express opinions.

A plea is extended to traditional rulers to exercise diligence in dealing with the Western Togoland call and cautioned against aligning with political interests.

The release notes that the UN Human Rights Council's Working Group on Arbitrary Detention has ruled against Ghana, calling for the release of activists, a demand the government allegedly defied.

The press release concludes with a strong admonition for the general public to stay away from any gatherings related to voting in the Territory of Western Togoland.

The release is signed by H.E. A.K. Ametepe, Governor of Western Togoland.

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