Wa East MP commissions borehole for Bulenga, Tafali communities

Wa East MP commissions borehole for Bulenga, Tafali communities
Wa East Borehole

Dr Godfred Seidu Jasaw, the Member of (MP) for East, has commissioned a newly constructed borehole for the Bulenga community to relieve the people of the hurdles they go through to access clean water.

The MP also commissioned a repaired borehole for the Tafali community to ease the water crisis it had been facing when the borehole broke down about three years ago.

The intervention by the MP, under his “Access to Potable Water for All” project, was at the request of the newly elected assembly members of the two communities.
Hajia Fatima Jasaw, the wife of the MP, led a team of National Democratic Congress () Constituency Executives, including the Chairman, Mr Abu Balifiama, to commission the two facilities on behalf of the MP.

Hajia Jasaw reiterated the commitment of Dr Jasaw to meeting the basic needs of the constituents to enhance their livelihoods.
“The newly commissioned borehole is a testament to the MP's commitment to enhancing the well-being of the people he serves,” she said.

“The provision of a reliable water source is pivotal in promoting good health, sanitation, and overall community development.”
She called for good maintenance of the facilities to ensure their longer lifespans for subsequent generations to benefit.

Mr Balifiama, on his part, appealed to the people to vote for former President and Dr Jasaw as President and MP, respectively, to enable them to work together to enhance the development of the constituency.

Under the “Access to Potable Water for All” project, Dr Jasaw also repaired the only borehole in the Buler Community and two other ones in the Jeyiri community.
“Dr Jasaw's initiatives not only address the immediate needs of the people but also lay the foundation for sustainable development across our constituency,” he said.

The impact of the “Access to Potable Water for All” project transcended creating convenience in having easy access to clean water to bringing relief to women and girls who, hitherto, had to trek long distances in search of water, “often from unreliable and contaminated sources.”

The people of Bulenga and Tafali communities were full of joy and expressed gratitude to the MP for going to their aid by providing them with sources of clean water.

“We are very happy for what the MP has done for us. We have gone to many people with this water problem but it's only the MP who listened to us and came to give us a borehole,” Mr Eliyasu Halitu, the Assembly Member-elect for Bulenga Electoral Area, said.

“We also pray that he will help us again if we go to him with other community problems. Everybody in Bulenga here is grateful to you.”

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