Tragic accident claims life of 7-year-old in Tamale

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Tragic accident claims life of 7-year-old in Tamale: Ghana News

Residents of Jisonayili, a suburb of , are mourning the tragic death of a 7-year-old boy identified as Abdul.

The unfortunate incident occurred on Friday morning as the young boy waited for his father in the bucket of a Motor King tricycle in front of Jiso Plaza.

Reports indicate that a Benz tipping truck loaded with sea sand, suspected to be coming from Kumbungu and heading towards town, accidentally ran over the boy, resulting in his untimely demise.

Eyewitnesses described the sequence of events leading to the tragedy. According to an account given to , a Mazda saloon car crossed the path of the tipper truck, causing it to lose control.

The saloon car, in an attempt to avoid a collision, hit the tricycle in which the boy was seated. Subsequently, the tipper truck ran over the child, causing severe injuries.

“The boy just gave up at the spot because the tipper was loaded with sea sand. It's a sad day,” said an eyewitness named Ezekiel.

In the midst of the tragedy, a fourth vehicle, a tricycle commonly known as “yellow-yellow” in , attempted to avoid a head-on collision with the Mazda saloon and ended up falling into a nearby gutter, sustaining damages.

Emergency services responded swiftly, transporting the deceased to the hospital. Both the tipper truck and the Mazda saloon car have been taken to the police station as investigations into the incident commenced.

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