Trades Union Congress launches Workplace Sexual Harassment Policy to protect workers

Trades Union Congress launches Workplace Sexual Harassment Policy to protect workers

The Trades Union Congress (TUC) has introduced a workplace (SH) Policy document for its secretariat and Trade Unions under its purview.

The policy aims to address issues of sexual harassment and gender violence in the workplace and ensure appropriate actions are taken to protect victims.

Madam Teresa Nadia Abugah, Head of Social Protection and Occupational Safety and Health at the TUC, emphasized the significance of having a policy that promotes a violence-free work environment.

She stated, “This is a very essential Policy that the TUC has developed after 75 or more years to help shape society.”

Ghana is yet to ratify the ILO Convention on workplace sexual harassment policy formulated in 2019 – Convention 190 – which is designed to safeguard individuals in the workplace and society at large.

Madam Abugah expressed concern that Ghana had not yet ratified the Convention to protect its workplaces and society. She hoped that would ratify the Convention before adjourning.

Mr Joshua Ansah, Deputy Secretary General of the TUC, urged national Unions affiliated with the TUC to promote and sensitize their members about the policy.

He encouraged members to consider the policy as essential information to be shared during district and regional councils.

The need for a sexual harassment policy was underscored by a gender audit report conducted in 2020, according to Madam Alberta Laryea Djan, former Head of the Gender and Child Protection Department of the TUC.

She emphasized that the policy would encourage victims to report incidents of sexual harassment and violence at the workplace.

Madam Djan stressed the importance of Ghana ratifying the Convention, as it provides comprehensive guidelines for protecting victims, punishing offenders, and safeguarding job seekers.

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