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Supreme Court nominee rejects claims of political influence in Ghana’s judiciary

December 20, 2023
Anthony Henry Kwofie
Anthony Henry Kwofie

nominee Anthony Henry Kwofie vehemently denied allegations of political influence within the Judiciary, emphasizing the independence and integrity of judges.

In response to a question from Minority Leader Cassiel , Justice Kwofie dismissed the notion of political judges, deeming it a dangerous characterization.

He underscored the importance of judges acting by their conscience and oath, stating, “There are no political judges.”

“The perception about is a mind issue. And perceptions are difficult to deal with. There have been several seminars not by the association but by the judiciary on corruption, on ethics, and as I said we also have a complaint unit… Almost every year we do it,” Justice Kwofie explained.

He addressed the challenge of combating perceptions of corruption, noting that some are unfounded and often arise from dissatisfaction with legal outcomes.

Justice Kwofie expressed the judiciary's inability to hold press conferences to counter such perceptions directly.

“Unfortunately, we as judges cannot sit and make press conferences and say that this is this,” he remarked.

Recognizing the importance of effective communication, Justice Kwofie advocated for a reevaluation of the judiciary's communication department.

He suggested the establishment of a robust communications or public relations department to address public concerns and enhance transparency.

“Communication in this age is extremely important… probably we need to look at our communication department. It is something I have personally been advocating for that we need a very strong communications or public relations department,” he concluded.

Justice Kwofie's statements come in the context of ongoing discussions about the judiciary's perceived integrity and transparency, emphasizing the need for effective communication strategies to counter misinformation and enhance public trust in the legal system.

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