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Sunyani residents express disappointment with State of the Nation Address

February 29, 2024
Sunyani residents express disappointment with State of the Nation Address

Following President Nana Addo Dankwa 's presentation of the State of the Nation Address () to , residents in expressed disappointment with the content and focus of the address.

While acknowledging the President's highlighting of his government's achievements and key policies, some residents felt that the SONA fell short of addressing their pressing concerns and expectations. Mr. Kwasi Addai Siaw, a businessman, criticized the address, describing it as “just an old story” and highlighting the current economic hardship faced by ordinary citizens.

Mr Siaw emphasized the need for realistic measures aimed at alleviating the plight of citizens, suggesting a shift from borrowing towards investment in local industries and . He stressed the importance of investing borrowed funds rather than consuming them, as a means to stimulate economic growth.

Madam Josephine Anane, a teacher, called for the construction of a standard sports stadium in the , expressing dissatisfaction with the current astroturf pitches which she deemed inadequate for sports development in the region.

Similarly, Mr Kwaku Gyasi, a trader, lamented the underdevelopment of the Bono region and urged the government to outline strategies for regional and community-level development in the President's address.

Mr Nurudeen Wahab, another businessman, highlighted the depreciation of the Ghana as a significant factor contributing to the increase in prices of goods and services. He emphasized the need for long-term stabilization of the currency to address inflationary pressures.

Overall, the sentiments expressed by residents reflect a desire for concrete solutions to address economic challenges, regional development, and currency stability, indicating the need for comprehensive strategies from the government to address these concerns.

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