Slight increase in underweight children recorded in Tema’s community one in 2023

Slight increase in underweight children recorded in Tema's community one in 2023: Ghana News

The Metropolitan Health Directorate reported a modest rise in the rate of moderately underweight children attending child welfare clinics in Community One during 2023.

Mr. Samuel Atuahene Antwi, the Tema Metropolitan Nutritionist, shared insights on the data, revealing that Community One had the highest underweight rate of 2.9% among children under the age of five in 2023, compared to other sub-metros within the same period.

Additionally, the Community recorded the highest stunting rate of three percent for the year 2023, as highlighted by Mr. Antwi.

It's noted that in 2022, the percentages of moderate underweight and stunting among child welfare attendees were 1.1% and 0.43%, respectively, indicating an increase in 2023.

Despite these specific sub-metro increases, Mr. Antwi emphasized that the overall Tema Metropolitan area saw marginal reductions in moderate underweight and moderate stunting. Notably, no cases of severe underweight were observed during the period.

Comparing 2022 and 2023 data, there was a decrease in moderate underweight from 0.79% to 0.64% and a reduction in moderate stunting from 0.55% to 0.24%. However, a marginal increase was recorded in severe stunting among children aged 0 to 59 months.

Mr. Antwi urged health caregivers at various child wellness clinics to maintain vigilance and check, and record information about children visiting for early intervention regarding stunting, underweight, and overweight.

The highlights the significance of addressing stunting and underweight in children, as they are associated with increased risks of illness and mortality.

Stunting reflects low height for age, while underweight indicates low weight for age, both of which can be influenced by factors like poor diets and recurrent infections.

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