Sammy Gyamfi refutes Dr Bawumia’s 2.2 million jobs claim, says data on jobs created at Ministry of Education inaccurate

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Sammy Gyamfi refutes Dr Bawumia's 2.2 million jobs claim, says data on jobs created at Ministry of Education inaccurate
Sammy Gyamfi

The National Communications Officer of the National Democratic Congress (), , has accused Ghana's Vice President, , of making false claims about creating 2.2 million jobs under the / government.

In a recent Twitter post, Gyamfi focused on the specific sectoral figures put out by Bawumia and stated that the Vice President is a “chronic liar.”

Gyamfi began his analysis by examining the Education Ministry's figures put out by Bawumia, which claimed that the /Bawumia government had created a total of 136,053 jobs in the ministry.

According to Gyamfi, an analysis of figures contained in the government's own budget statements completely belied Bawumia's claim.

Gyamfi pointed out that the had a total staff strength of 355,641 as of 2017 when the Akufo-Addo government took office.

According to the 2023 presented to by the Finance Minister, Ken Ofori Atta, the ministry had a total staff strength of 387,074 as at this year.

Therefore, when the 2017 staff strength figure is deducted from the 2023 figure, only 31,433 additional staff were employed under the Education Ministry and NOT 136,053 as claimed by the Vice President.

Gyamfi also noted that all the agencies listed by Bawumia as the source of the said 136,053 jobs are Public Sector entities funded by the government of Ghana. Employees of the agencies listed by Bawumia are all paid by the through the Controller and Accountant General.

Gyamfi asked supporters who still believe Bawumia's dubious 2.2 million jobs claim to dispute this fact and tell which of the agencies Bawumia listed under the Education Ministry is a non-subvented agency who pays its own employees, for which reason the Finance Minister did not capture their employees under Appendix 7 of the various budgets cited.

Gyamfi promised to release more details in subsequent parts of his write-up to expose what he calls “dubious” claims made by the Vice President.

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