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Property owners at Ashalaja appeal for action against landguards

December 1, 2023
Property owners at Ashalaja appeal for action against landguards

Property owners in Ashalaja, near Amasaman in the Ga West Municipality of the Greater Region, have issued a plea to law enforcement, traditional authorities, and other stakeholders to address the rising menace of land guards in the area, citing threats to peace and security.

At the inauguration of the Ashalaja Amalgamated Landlords Association (AALA), property owners emphasized the urgent need to curb the activities of landguards and foster a secure environment for the community's residents.

The association, comprising eight different Landlord Associations in the locality, aims to collaborate on finding solutions to communal problems and driving development initiatives.

Mr Harrison Mensah, Vice Chair of AALA, highlighted factionalism among custodians of the land, pointing out that the activities of land guards had escalated, leading to frequent harassment of association members.

He expressed concerns about property owners being unable to undertake basic tasks such as painting their homes or initiating renovations without facing forceful demands for payment from landguards.

“Our members cannot even paint their homes, let alone undertake some renovations or start a project without land guards appearing to forcefully demand some form of payment.

Individuals who bought plots to develop into businesses to create jobs have had to advise themselves as it has become painfully impossible to register such plots to allow for the acquisition of the necessary permits for work to commence,” lamented Mr. Mensah.

Inspector Samuel Oppong of the at Denkyira applauded the formation of watchdog committees, emphasizing the police's commitment to arresting criminals and ensuring residents' safety.

Mr. Harry Agbanu, Chair for the occasion, urged citizens and association members to support the police with logistics to maintain law and order in the locality and beyond.

Advocating for unity among association members, Mr. Agbanu stated that the AALA would intensify efforts to address the challenges faced by the Ashalaja community and work towards achieving much-needed development.

The property owners called on traditional authorities to reconcile their differences for the overall benefit of the enclave.

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