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Parliament to consider draft legislation for Ghana Geological Survey Authority’s operations

Ghana Geological Survey Authority

The Ministry of is set to present a draft Legislative Instrument (L.I) to , facilitating the implementation of the Ghana Geological Survey Authority's (GGSA) Act of 2016 (Act 928).

This legislative move aims to enhance the GGSA's responsiveness to the nation's industrial development goals and contribute significantly to socio-economic advancement.

Mr George Mireku Duker, Deputy Minister of Lands and Natural Resources in charge of Mines disclosed this information at the launch of GGSA's 110th Anniversary in .

The anniversary celebration theme is “Ghana's Sustainable Industrial and : The Pivotal Role of the Ghana Geological Survey Authority.”

The GGSA Act empowers the Authority to conduct geological mapping, hazard assessments, and manage geoscientific information for the exploration and protection of geological and natural resources.

The upcoming L.I., upon approval, is expected to amplify the GGSA's effectiveness in fulfilling its mandated responsibilities.

A series of activities, including public lectures, symposiums, exhibitions, seminars, and an international conference, are planned throughout the year to mark the GGSA's milestone anniversary.

Mr. Duker urged collaboration with stakeholders and emphasized the need for educational outreach programs on natural disasters and resource management.

Mr. Isaac Kuuwan Mwinbelle, the Acting Director-General of GGSA, highlighted the authority's historical significance since its inception in 1913.

The GGSA has played a crucial role in identifying various mineral resources, making Ghana an attractive investment destination in the natural resource sector.

The Authority is preparing to unveil a 10-year strategic plan to advance the country's industrial transformation agenda.

Mr Mwinbelle affirmed the GGSA's commitment to investing in cutting-edge technology to fulfil its role as a repository of geoscientific information and data.

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