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Don’t gamble with your votes – NDC’s Naa Koryoo Okunor rallies Kasoa youth

NDC's Naa Koryoo Okunor rallies youth in Kasoa, calls for accountability and unity: Ghana News
Naa Koryoo Okunor,

Phyllis Okunor, affectionately known as “The Woman” and the National Democratic Congress () parliamentary candidate for Senya Awutu East (), has issued a passionate plea to her constituents and Ghanaian youth, cautioning them against falling for what she termed the “lies” of the New Patriotic Party ().

This emotional appeal followed an intense day of campaigning in Kasoa.

As a human rights lawyer and Kasoa native, Naa Koryoo emerged victorious in the NDC primaries, defeating six male candidates to secure her place as the parliamentary candidate.

Addressing a crowd of over 55,000 at Kasoa, she directed her message particularly at the Millennials and Generation Z, urging them to reject vote-buying and prioritize voting on issues affecting their lives and future.

Naa Koryoo emphasized the pivotal role of the youth in shaping the destiny of the nation, stating, “It was during our generation, the millennials, that our country transitioned to parliamentary democracy after almost three decades of military rule.” She pointed out the economic challenges and governance issues during the current NPP administration, stressing the importance of holding leaders accountable.

Speaking in both Twi and Ga, she questioned the NPP government's transparency regarding the utilization of funds from cocoa, oil and gas, gold, and other resources. Naa Koryoo accused the NPP of turning the country into an “ANIMAL FARM,” where the youth and the poor are treated as inferior.

She urged the youth not to be swayed by promises of instant gratification, highlighting instances of brutality and lawlessness by the ruling party. Referencing the Ayawaso West Wogon by-election and the recent shooting incident involving Mavis , Naa Koryoo painted a picture of a country where lawlessness by the ruling party is normalized.

Directly addressing those who recently turned 18 and registered to vote, Naa Koryoo called on them to actively engage in , holding leaders accountable for their stewardship. She demanded transparency in government spending during the pandemic, citing discrepancies in the Finance Minister's statements about COVID-19 expenditure.

Naa Koryoo outlined her policy proposal for vocational training and education in all 10 Technical across the country to equip the youth with essential skills. She revealed that both President John Mahama and Vice-Presidential candidate Naana Jane have acknowledged and agreed to her proposal, emphasizing that accountability and anti- would be guiding principles in the incoming NDC administration.

Expressing deep emotion, Naa Koryoo asserted that no one would be left behind under the NDC administration, promising inclusivity for vulnerable groups such as the disabled, those with mental illness, older people, and struggling market women. She concluded with a powerful call for unity and active participation in the political process, framing the upcoming elections as a critical moment for Ghana's future.

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