NDC condemns OSP’s report on Charles Adu Boahen’s corruption allegations, plans to institute fresh criminal investigations

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NDC Condemns Special Prosecutor's Findings on Charles Adu Boahen's Corruption Allegations
Former Deputy Finance Minister, Charles Adu Boahen

The National Democratic Congress () has expressed strong disapproval of the findings presented by the () regarding investigations into allegations of and related offences involving former Deputy Finance Minister, .

In a press statement released on October 31, 2023, the criticized the 's conclusion, stating that “there is no actual criminal prohibition of his acts in respect of which the OSP has a mandate to further act.” The NDC found this determination to be “totally flawed and misconceived.”

The NDC, after thoroughly examining audio-visual evidence provided by Tiger Eye P.I., which implicated in alleged corrupt practices, declared the OSP's verdict as “totally unacceptable.” According to the NDC, the evidence revealed that Adu Boahen had demanded a bribe equivalent to 20% of the initial investment or an upfront payment of 10% of the proposed investment, along with a share of the investment's proceeds. Undercover agents posing as businessmen interested in investing in Ghana presented this evidence.

The NDC firmly contended that Charles Adu Boahen's actions, as portrayed in the “Galamsey Economy” documentary by Tiger Eye P.I, unequivocally constituted the offence of extortion, as stipulated in section 247 of the Criminal and Other Offenses Act, 1960 (ACT 29), as amended. The section defines extortion as an act committed by a public officer who, “under colour of office, demands or obtains from a person, whether for public purposes or personal gain, money or valuable consideration which is not lawfully authorized.”

The NDC perceived the OSP's report as an attempt to conceal the alleged wrongdoing, fearing it could erode public confidence in the unless urgently reviewed.

According to the NDC's statement, Charles Adu Boahen's actions amounted to “ of monumental proportions” and should not go unpunished.

Furthermore, the NDC announced its intention to initiate criminal investigations into the matter should they assume government office in the future. The NDC called on the Ghanaian public to demand a complete reversal of the OSP's decision and to treat the report with the contempt it deserves.

The press release was signed by Esq., National Communications Officer of the NDC, who emphasised the party's commitment to upholding the rule of law and ensuring accountability in public office.

Read the full statement below;

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