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Minority Caucus warns against further delays in anti-gay bill approval

February 21, 2024
Minority Caucus warns against further delays in anti-gay bill approval

The in has issued a stern warning, stating that it will not tolerate any further attempts to delay the approval of the bill on the promotion of proper human sexual rights and Ghanaian family values, also known as the anti-gay bill.

The warning comes in response to Deputy Majority Leader Alexander Afenyo-Markin's motion last week, which demanded a second consideration of the bill, just ahead of its potential passage. Afenyo-Markin's proposed amendment sought to replace imprisonment with community service.

As a result of Afenyo-Markin's motion, the House was compelled to continue with the amendment of about thirteen clauses in the bill on Wednesday, February 21.

Minority Chief Whip Governs Agbodza emphasized the need for Afenyo-Markin to complete any necessary consultations regarding his proposed amendments before Wednesday. He cautioned that the Minority would not tolerate any actions perceived as delaying the process beyond that date.

“We should also be clear in our minds that we will not unduly always find a reason to postpone the progress of this bill to another day. Because, as we said the other day, everything that he [Afenyo-Markin] has raised in his proposal, he took about an hour here speaking about it, but he keeps giving reasons why we cannot deal with it. So we are giving him ample time to do the consultation because there will be no more filibustering after Wednesday,” Agbodza asserted.

The Minority's stance reflects their determination to ensure the timely passage of the bill without further delay. They have signalled their readiness to proceed with the legislative process while urging Afenyo-Markin to conclude consultations promptly to facilitate a smooth progression of the bill's consideration in Parliament.

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