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JUST IN: OSP clears Charles Adu Boahen of corruption allegations in Ana’s Galamsey Economy documentary

October 30, 2023
OSP clears Charles Adu Boahen of corruption allegations in Ana's Galamsey Economy documentary
Charles Adu Boahen

In a recent development, the () has concluded its investigation into the allegations of and corruption-related offences involving , the former Minister of State at the .

The allegations stemmed from an investigative documentary titled ‘Galamsey Economy' by journalist .

In a statement released today, the Special Prosecutor, Kissi Agyebeng, provided a detailed account of the findings from the investigation. The OSP's investigation involved an elaborate undercover operation carried out by Tiger Eye P.I., a private investigative agency.

The statement outlined the key findings, including Mr. Adu Boahen's interactions with undercover agents posing as representatives of the Al Baraka Banking Group. During these interactions, Mr. Adu Boahen allegedly discussed financial arrangements, including a suggested percentage cut for himself and an appearance fee to be paid to the Vice President.

According to the Special Prosecutor's statement, Mr Adu Boahen's actions amounted to “trading in influence or influence peddling,” which involves using one's political connections for personal gain.

However, the Special Prosecutor concluded that there was no specific criminal prohibition of Mr Adu Boahen's actions in Ghana's legal framework, and thus, no legal grounds for pursuing criminal charges. The investigation was closed at this time.

The statement also emphasized the need for legislative changes to address corruption-related offences more comprehensively, suggesting the passage of a Corrupt Practices Act and a Conduct of Public Officers Act to regulate the conduct of public officials.

In his closing remarks, Special Prosecutor Kissi Agyebeng commended President Nana Addo Dankwa for referring the case to the OSP for investigation and praised Tiger Eye P.I. for conducting the sting operation and filing the complaint that initiated the investigation.

The investigation has been closely watched in Ghana, and this outcome clears Mr Adu Boahen of the allegations of corruption brought against him in the ‘Galamsey Economy' documentary.

Read the full text of the report here

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