John Mahama promises job creation in Upper East Region

John Mahama promises job creation in Upper East Region
Mr. John Mahama

Former President , the Flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress (), has pledged to prioritize job creation for the youth through strategic investments in infrastructure and programs. Speaking at a community engagement event in Zuarungu, in the East District of the Region, Mahama outlined key initiatives aimed at fostering employment opportunities.

Mahama assured the gathered audience, comprising women, youth groups, chiefs, farmers, and students, that if elected as President, he would build upon the irrigation projects initiated by the NDC government. He specifically highlighted the continuation of expansion works on projects such as the Vea and Tono Dams, emphasizing their potential to create employment.

“Under the Ghana Commercial Agricultural Project, we received funds to expand irrigation projects, including the Vea and Tono Dams. Additionally, we built the Tamde Dam in the Garu area. Unfortunately, the current government has not completed the Tamde Dam project, leaving 3000 hectares unfinished. When we assume office, we will complete these projects, providing more opportunities for our youth,” Mahama stated.

Mahama also drew attention to the International Airport, highlighting its intended purpose for exporting agricultural products from the north to Europe. He proposed the construction of a Cargo Centre at the Tamale Airport to facilitate the efficient exportation of goods, especially vegetables.

Reviving the cotton industry was another focal point of Mahama's economic agenda. He expressed plans to rejuvenate the Pwalugu tomato factory, involving irrigation farmers in the Tono area to ensure a steady supply of tomatoes. Additionally, Mahama outlined intentions to revive the Wulugu Livestock Station as a raw material base for the operation of the Zuarungu meat factory.

The former President assured the community that he had engaged private investors willing to support these projects, emphasizing their potential to generate employment opportunities for the region.

Accompanied by political figures including Mr. James Agalga, leader of the in , and various Members of Parliament, Mahama's town hall meeting in the Bolgatanga Central Constituency provided a platform for discussions with traders, professionals, and religious bodies.

Mahama's commitment to job creation and economic development through strategic infrastructure investment aims to address the pressing issue of youth unemployment in the region, positioning it as a key element of his electoral campaign.

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