Ivory Coast’s President Alassane Ouattara dismisses prime minister, dissolves government

Ivory Coast's President Alassane Ouattara dismisses prime minister, dissolves government
President Alassane Ouattara at ECOWAS summit on Mali, Burkina Faso and Guinea, in Accra, Ghana, July 3, 2022 | Reuters

ABIDJAN, – President Alassane Ouattara of Ivory Coast has taken the unexpected step of removing the prime minister and dissolving the government, according to the presidency's secretary general Aboudramane Cisse.

While no specific reasons were given for this decision, Cisse conveyed the president's appreciation to Prime Minister Patrick Achi and all government members for their dedication to serving the nation in recent years.

A new prime minister and government will be appointed in due course, with Achi and his government members remaining in temporary charge until the transition is complete.

It's worth noting that such abrupt governmental changes are not uncommon in Ivory Coast.

Previously, Prime Minister Achi resigned along with his government in April of the previous year, following President Ouattara's announcement to reduce ministerial positions as part of cabinet downsizing.

Prime Minister Patrick Achi was subsequently re-appointed to his position a week later.

Ivory Coast is set to hold a presidential election in 2025, and President Ouattara, who was re-elected in 2020, has yet to confirm whether he intends to run for office once more.

  • By Sofia Christensen; Editing by Dennis Gyamfi

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