Gunmen kidnap nine in attack on Nigerian village

Gunmen kidnap nine in attack on Nigerian village: Nigeria News
Unknown Gunmen | Photo: Premium Time Nigeria

Gunmen in 's northwest Zamfara state kidnapped at least nine people in an attack on Friday, according to residents of the affected area.

This incident highlights the ongoing issue of kidnapping for ransom by armed groups in northwest Nigeria, a problem exacerbated by high levels of poverty, unemployment, and the proliferation of illegal firearms.

The Zamfara state police and local government have not yet responded to requests for comment from .

Residents of Tsohuwar Kasuwa community in Kaura Namoda local government area reported that the gunmen, riding motorcycles, stormed their village in an early morning raid.

Rabe Sarkawa, a resident of the community, expressed his anguish, stating, “They abducted my two children and took them to an unknown destination. I am in pain right now.”

Among those abducted were five members of resident Alhaji Sabitu's household, along with his herd of cattle.

Sabitu highlighted the impact of these abductions, saying, “Apart from the unrest caused by abductions for ransom and the loss of innocent lives, we are also unable to carry out our daily livelihood in peace.”

These kidnappings add to the overall insecurity in Nigeria, which includes a 14-year Islamist insurgency in the northeast, gang and separatist violence in the southeast, and frequent clashes between farmers and herders.

Just days before this incident, gunmen kidnapped five female students from a university in the neighboring Katsina state.

Despite the growing security challenges, President has yet to unveil a comprehensive plan to address the widespread insecurity.

His economic reforms, which include removing a costly fuel subsidy and freeing the naira currency, have faced criticism from labor unions who argue that they have driven up the cost of living.

  • Reporting by Ahmed Kingimi; Writing by Elisha Bala-Gbogbo, editing by Adewale Adejoke

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