GRA contracts SML Ghana to provide revenue assurance audit services

SML Ghana engages GRA board to boost revenue growth
Mr. Sottie MD of SML Ghana explaining a point to the board of GRA in the monitoring room

Strategic Mobilisation Ghana Limited (SML) Ghana, a prominent revenue and assurance audit firm, recently conducted a stakeholder engagement with the Board of the (GRA) to discuss a sustainable roadmap for accelerating revenue growth in the country.

The primary objective of the engagement was to enhance good governance by fostering transparency and accountability in the government's financial affairs.

Held at 's office in , the meeting involved discussions on challenges and opportunities surrounding the advancement and achievement of the country's enhanced revenue mobilisation drive.

Christian Tetteh Sottie, Managing Director of SML Ghana, emphasized the fruitful relationship between the two parties and highlighted that the interaction aimed to deepen the collaboration.

He stated, “This meeting with the Board is part of our mandate to deepen our synergies with the Ghana Revenue Authority, and by that, we took them through the detailed methodology of how SML Ghana is leveraging technology to improve the sector.”

Mr. Sottie reaffirmed SML Ghana's commitment to increasing government revenue mobilisation, acknowledging the GRA's vital role in assisting with daily activities.

He assured continued efforts to implement necessary measures and processes for a smooth audit process, understanding the impact on the overall state of the economy.

Dr Anthony Oteng-Gyasi, Board Chair for the GRA, commended SML Ghana for adopting significantly more effective digital and innovative controls, leading to an increase in the government's revenue-raising capacity.

He expressed satisfaction with SML Ghana's real-time monitoring and encouraged the maintenance of standards to enhance tax collection and revenue mobilisation.

To address potential future challenges, Dr Oteng-Gyasi urged SML Ghana to continue investing in innovative measures and emphasized the importance of ongoing relationships that enrich audit quality and improve revenue mobilisation processes.

He stated, “The entire nation is counting on you for these revenues, and the GRA is prepared to provide the necessary assistance to ensure smooth revenue assurance.”

Dr. Ammishaddai Owusu-Amoah, Commissioner-General of the Ghana Revenue Authority, echoed similar sentiments, highlighting the increasing need to apply data in revenue collection.

He praised SML Ghana's role in revenue generation and expressed satisfaction with the revenue increase observed since the initiation of their collaboration.

SML Ghana's partnership with the Customs Division of the GRA, particularly the implementation of the Electronic Metering Management System (EMMS) project, was discussed.

This digital measurement project monitors revenue from downstream petroleum products across more than 20 depots in Ghana, providing end-to-end audit and assurance for the GRA in the downstream petroleum sector.

Since the introduction of SML Ghana's technological solutions in 2020, an average monthly volume of 450 million litres of petroleum products has been recorded by its meters in the petroleum sector.

SML Ghana, the wholly-owned Ghanaian company, was highlighted, showcasing its commitment to providing audit services in downstream petroleum products and trade transaction pricing.

With strong financial backing and a team of professionals, SML Ghana has been instrumental in assisting agencies, especially the GRA, in achieving their objectives.

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