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Ghanaian green businesses set to vie for global recognition in ClimateLaunchPad competition

January 13, 2024
Ghanaian green businesses set to vie for global recognition in ClimateLaunchPad competition: Ghana News

Three Ghanaian green businesses and startups are poised to receive support this year to participate in the prestigious ClimateLaunchPad competition at both the Africa and Global levels.

The ClimateLaunchPad stands as one of the largest green business idea competitions globally, focusing on unlocking cleantech potential to address climate change.

The three chosen businesses will be selected from a pool of 10 startups based on various criteria, including their impact on climate, business potential, social impact, innovation, technology potential, management team strength, and the pitch of their ideas.

Little Cow, a non-governmental organization supporting businesses in adhering to climate change mitigation measures, issued a statement to the outlining the initiative.

The selected businesses will undergo a comprehensive three-day workshop that includes training sessions and coaching.

Following this, they will be supported to participate in the Africa regionals of the ClimateLaunchPad competition. If successful at the African level, they will receive further support to compete in the global contest.

In 2023, three green businesses—Null Wood Fabrication, Luna, and Mus Plastic—received similar support but were unable to qualify from Africa to compete in the global competition.

Null Wood Fabrications focused on reducing plastic waste and deforestation, Luna aimed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through reusable biodegradable menstrual pads, and Mus Plastics was dedicated to transforming plastic waste into pavement blocks and affordable fuel.

The ClimateLaunchPad competition not only provides a platform for entrepreneurs to enhance their knowledge and skills but also facilitates networking opportunities with potential partners and investors. Winners of the competition receive cash prizes to elevate or start their businesses.

The journey for the 2023 participants began with a call for applicants, receiving over 30 submissions, from which 10 business ideas were selected for the competition.

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