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Ghana now has 70 herbal units in public hospitals nationwide

December 22, 2023
Head of Herbal Units reveals 70 herbal units in public hospitals
Herbal Unit Tema General Hospital

Dr Michael Tetteh, Head of the Herbal Unit at General Hospital, revealed that there are currently 70 herbal units operational in public hospitals nationwide.

These units, including those at the Tema General Hospital and eight other facilities in the Greater Region, provide health services utilizing herbal remedies.

The integration of herbal medicine into public hospitals aligns with the 's goal of addressing the health needs of all individuals.

Dr Tetteh acknowledged the challenge the WHO faced, with people often resorting to herbal remedies before turning to hospitals when expectations were not met. To enhance healthcare efforts, the WHO decided to incorporate herbal medicine into mainstream health systems.

In Ghana, the government recognized the importance of supporting and regulating the herbal medication sector.

“So now, with these 70 herbal units, you can go to the hospital and opt for the approved herbal services,” he stated, adding that the units were run by well-qualified medics, who used the (FDA)-certified herbal medications for the treatment.

These herbal units, beyond emergency and surgical care, offer treatments for various internal medical issues, gynaecological and neurological concerns, infections, hypertension, diabetes, and other diseases.

Dr. Tetteh advised enthusiasts of herbal medicine against experimenting with unregulated medications and encouraged them to seek proper care from these certified facilities.

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