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Ghana Immigration Service calls for censorship of social media content to prevent conflict

October 3, 2023

Deputy Superintendent of Immigration (DSI), Mr. Robert Ubindam, Head of Operations and Intelligence at the (GIS) Paga Border, has stressed the importance of regulating content that incites conflicts.

Mr. Ubindam expressed his views, stating, “There must be a deliberate government policy to censure what people put out on social media.” He recognized that this approach needed to strike a balance between regulating content and upholding freedom of speech.

Speaking to the , Mr. Ubindam cited examples of social and political divergence and cyberbullying as issues exacerbated by certain content on social media. He highlighted that such content could create fragile situations with the potential to escalate into conflicts.

Mr. Ubindam noted that part of the problem lies in people's emotional reactions to these online disputes, attributing it to “blind solidarity,” where individuals support a cause without fully understanding the underlying issues.

He emphasized the importance of fact-checking and verifying the authenticity of posts before reacting. Mr. Ubindam expressed concern about the declining level of tolerance in society and called for greater awareness of peaceful conflict resolution to safeguard societal peace.

Additionally, Mr. Ubindam encouraged traditional media outlets to avoid sensationalism when reporting conflict-related issues. He recognized the positive impact of social media platforms in education, advocacy, and information dissemination but cautioned against their misuse for content that stirs tension among people.

This perspective from the Ghana Immigration Service reflects ongoing discussions worldwide about balancing freedom of speech on social media with the need to prevent the spread of harmful content that can incite conflicts and violence.

Reporting by Rosemary Wayo: Editing by Adewale Adejoke

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