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Ghana emerges as fibreglass technology hub for concrete construction in Africa

December 19, 2023
Fiberglass Technology - Pokuase Interchange
Pokuase Interchange under construction

Ivan Romanov, Director of Fiberglass Reinforcement Company, revealed to the (GNA) from their booth at the 2023 Volta Trade and Investment Fair in that Ghana has become the company's continental base.

The Ukrainian company, present in Ghana for over a decade, recently completed the construction of a production plant in .

Fiberglass Reinforcement has already contributed to significant projects in Ghana, including the Pokuase Interchange.

Notable for its durability, fibreglass boasts a lifespan exceeding 120 years, surpassing traditional iron rods in longevity and cost-effectiveness.

This eco-friendly alternative aligns with global concerns about environmental sustainability.

Mr Romanov highlighted that the Chinese perfected a continuous production method in the 1990s, making fibreglass commercially viable.

He emphasized Ghana's stability as a democracy and its pivotal role in hosting the company's manufacturing plant in Africa.

The production process of fibreglass is notably energy-efficient, using only the electricity required for the factory, and emitting no smoke during production.

Certified by the and endorsed by the Ghana Institute of Engineers, fibreglass is currently utilized in approximately 20 government projects.

“It is three times stronger on tension structures. It has more tensile strength than iron rods, and it's getting widely accepted,” stated Mr. Romanov.

While some raw materials are imported, plans for , including a roving material, are being considered for the future.

Mr Romanov expressed the company's commitment to keeping Ghana at the forefront of fibreglass technology, contributing to economic growth in the region.

Commending the Volta Trade and Investment Fair as a networking hub, Mr. Romanov highlighted the importance of the () in fostering economic development.

Under the AfCFTA agreement, the company aims to play a pivotal role in shaping Africa's economic landscape.

The 2023 Volta Trade and Investment Fair, organized by the (AGI) in collaboration with the Continental Free Trade Secretariat, focused on leveraging the AfCFTA for economic development.

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