German Agency GIZ donates relief items to flood victims in Keta Municipality

German Agency GIZ donates relief items to flood victims in Keta Municipality

The German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ), owned by the German Federal Government, has made a substantial donation of relief items to victims in the Municipality of the .

The donation, valued at thousands of cedis, includes essential items such as beds, mattresses, water gallons, polytanks, wellington boots, and wheelbarrows.

Mr. Edwin Bajah, the leader of the group overseeing the donation, explained the purpose behind the contribution, stating, “We did a reconnaissance survey some weeks ago, and we have assessed the level of the damage which necessitated the supports.”

He further indicated that similar support would be extended to eight other districts in the country severely affected by the recent floods.

Highlighting the longstanding collaboration between Ghana and , Mr. Bajah noted that GIZ has been actively supporting Ghana in various sectors for over 30 years.

The focus areas include agriculture, governance, and sustainable economic development. “German Agency International Cooperation is focused on reducing global poverty, ensuring peace and human security, and preserving the environment in an international framework,” he added.

Mr. Emmanuel Gemegah, the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) for Keta, expressed gratitude on behalf of the flood victims for the generous donation. He assured the donors that the items would be distributed promptly and used for their intended purpose.

The MCE also mentioned that the Health and Education Directorates of the Municipality would collaborate to provide data for the distribution to affected persons in various communities.

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