Garu, Tempani youth demand release of abducted, investigation into conduct of military

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Garu, Tempani youth demand release of abducted, investigation into conduct of military
Personnel from the Ghana Armed Forces allegedly assaulted residents of the town during a dawn raid on Sunday October 29, 2023

Garu, Ghana – The Garu and Tempani Youth in the Region are demanding the immediate and unconditional release of eight individuals who were allegedly subjected to unlawful torture, arrest, and abduction to undisclosed locations.

The youth have issued an ultimatum, stating that if the eight individuals are not released by the end of the day, government institution workers in Garu and Tempani will engage in a protest starting from Wednesday, November 1, 2023.

These demands come in the aftermath of a reported invasion and brutal treatment of citizens that occurred on a Sunday morning. The victims of this incident suffered varying degrees of injuries, as per the statement by the Garu and Tempani Youth.

In their press briefing held in Garu, they called for a comprehensive investigation into the circumstances surrounding the military's alleged “barbaric” and “unprofessional” conduct, which resulted in harm to unarmed civilians who were still in bed at the time of the incident.

Mr Emmanuel Issaka, who delivered the statement, described these acts as an abuse of power and a violation of the fundamental human rights of Garu and Tempani citizens.

While the situation in Garu appeared calm when GBC visited on October 30, 2023, with people going about their daily activities, the youth have underscored their demand for the immediate release of the eight individuals who remain in unknown locations.

The call for justice and accountability in the wake of these reported abuses has heightened concerns in the region.

The ultimatum issued by the Garu and Tempani Youth adds pressure on authorities to act swiftly in addressing the situation and ensuring the welfare and safety of the abducted individuals.

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