Funds meant for PWDs diverted by Assemblies for waste collection – CEPD Boss reveals

Alexander Kojo Tetteh, the Executive President of the Center for Employment of Persons with Disabilities (CEPD), has expressed concern over the misuse of Disability Funds, leading to adverse effects on the welfare of Persons With Disabilities (PWDs).

Three percent of the District Assemblies Common Fund is designated to be allocated to the Disability Funds, intended for supporting PWDs within the districts by helping them establish businesses, cater to medical needs, or pay school fees.

Mr. Tetteh raised alarm during an interview on the 3FM Sunrise Morning Show, stating that the allocated funds are insufficient and not consistently paid. He also lamented the practice of some assemblies diverting the funds to unrelated ventures, disregarding the needs of PWDs.

In the past, the Disability Funds were combined with the Common Fund for the Assembly. As a response to this issue, separate accounts were created for the Disability Fund in all districts.

However, Mr. Tetteh highlighted that the authority to withdraw funds still lies with key officials, including the Chief Executive, Administrator, Coordinating Director, and Accountant.

“Some of the district assemblies borrow the money for their activities; some borrow for waste collection. There have been Parliamentary Committees that have investigated and found out this,” he added.

Mr. Tetteh further revealed that disabled individuals sometimes resort to demonstrations, as they are told their funds haven't been paid, while investigations often uncover that the money has been diverted for other purposes, leaving PWDs suffering.

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