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First Sky Group working on legislative instrument for Ghana’s kidney transplant system

January 15, 2024
Mr. Eric Seddy Kutortse, Executive Chairman of First Sky Group
First Sky Group Executive Chairman Mr. Eric Seddy Kutortse,

Mr. Eric Seddy Kutortse, Executive Chairman of First Sky Group, has revealed that the company is at the forefront of developing a legislative instrument to support Ghana's kidney transplant system.

The executive chairman disclosed that a draft statement, created under the 's supervision by organ transplantation experts, awaits evaluation by parliamentary stakeholders to become a viable legislative instrument.

Speaking at the 21st Thanksgiving service of the Group, Mr Kutortse emphasized that the collaborative effort with aims to raise awareness among key stakeholders and gather input for the legislative document.

While kidney transplantation is now accessible for individuals with end-stage kidney disease in Ghana, Mr. Kutortse noted the absence of recognized legislative support for organ transplant programs.

“Unfortunately, there is no recognized legislative support in Ghana for organ transplant programs,” he added. “As a result, there is a requirement to create a legislative instrument that will support and encourage the establishment of a long-term transplant program in Ghana.”

Mr. Kutortse reiterated First Sky Group's commitment to assisting Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital in establishing a kidney transplant centre. A joint working committee from the hospital and the First Sky Group is diligently working towards the project's take-off and completion by the end of 2024.

In 2023, the First Sky Group fully sponsored successful kidney transplants carried out by a team of Ghanaian specialists. Mr Kutortse highlighted the company's ongoing support for free dialysis for over 300 patients since 2016, amounting to more than Thirty-Two Million Ghana cedis (GH¢32m). He expressed the group's determination to persist until the establishment of a kidney transplant centre is accomplished.

Touching on the challenges faced in 2023 globally, Mr Kutortse attributed the success of First Sky Group's businesses to the abundant grace and love of God. Looking ahead to the 2024 general elections, he urged Ghanaians to preserve collective peace, emphasizing unity and a common destiny.

In addition to its corporate endeavours, Mr. Kutortse outlined the First Sky Group's plans to construct and complete three ultra-modern church auditoriums in the district, Volta, and Ashanti Regions. The group also aims to initiate a rural area evangelism program, intending to build about fifty church buildings in the next two years.

Most Reverend Dr. Paul Kwabena Boafo, the Presiding Bishop of the Methodist Church Ghana, commended First Sky Group's corporate social responsibility contributions during his sermon.

The theme for the 21st Annual Thanksgiving service was “The Faithfulness of the Lord Never Ceases,” chaired by the General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God, Ghana, Rev. Dr. Stephen Yenusom Wengam.

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