Emergency nurses call for Basic Life Support training in school curriculum

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Emergency nurses call for Basic Life Support training in school curriculum

, Ghana – Emergency nurses at the International Maritime Hospital (IMaH) in have urged the to incorporate Basic Life Support (BLS) skills training into school curricula.

The nurses believe that empowering students with these life-saving techniques will enable them to respond effectively during emergencies.

Ms. Juliet Owusu Dwamena and Mr. Samuel Adu Ntiamoah, both emergency nurses at IMaH, stressed the importance of BLS training, especially in light of the increasing prevalence of heart-related diseases, which have become a significant health concern.

They emphasised the need for collective efforts to address this issue and save lives.

Ms. Dwamena highlighted the ongoing research aimed at improving public responses to emergencies based on the life support skills acquired.

She explained that having basic BLS knowledge significantly increases a person's chances of survival until advanced medical care can be administered. Swift and confident execution of the appropriate steps, she noted, could restore life to someone experiencing cardiac arrest.

Ms Dwamena further explained the critical role of the heart in pumping blood, which carries oxygen to vital organs. When the heart stops beating, blood flow ceases, and the person loses consciousness.

Without proper blood flow, the heart and brain rapidly deteriorate due to a lack of oxygen. BLS techniques aim to prevent or reduce damage until the underlying cause of the problem is addressed.

Mr Ntiamoah emphasised that individuals with BLS skills could provide high-quality chest compressions to supply oxygen to the brain and vital organs of a victim experiencing cardiac arrest, ultimately saving lives.

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