ECOWAS urges Senegal to fix new date for postponed general election

ECOWAS urges Senegal to fix new date for postponed general election
Senegal President Macky Sall

The Economic Community of West African States () has called upon the government of to expedite processes and establish a new date for the recently postponed general election. The election, initially scheduled for February 25, 2024, has been delayed, prompting ECOWAS to express concern and appeal to the political class in Senegal to prioritize dialogue and collaboration for a transparent, inclusive, and credible electoral process.

In an official statement, ECOWAS commended President Macky Sall for maintaining his decision not to seek another term in office. The regional body encouraged him to persist in upholding Senegal's longstanding democratic tradition. The postponement reportedly followed complaints by candidates who were disqualified from participating in the elections.

While President Macky Sall assured the public that he is not seeking re-election, he did not specify a new date for the polls. ECOWAS has now urged Senegal's authorities to take swift action in organizing the elections to ensure a timely democratic process.

Reports suggest that a constitutional council's decision barred several aspiring candidates, including some prominent politicians, from contesting the elections. President Sall stated that addressing these complaints is crucial to creating conditions for a free, transparent, and inclusive election in a peaceful and reconciled Senegal. This move has been described by opposition candidates as a constitutional coup, while some citizens are urged to protest against the unprecedented decision to postpone the election.

ECOWAS, through its statement, affirmed its monitoring of the situation in Senegal, emphasizing the need for a swift resolution to uphold democratic principles and ensure stability in the country.

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