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DISAPPOINTING: He sang over 5000 songs in 106 hours yet Guinness World Records qualified him, here’s why

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In April 2019, Dominican singer Carlos Silver's quest to break the for the longest singing marathon faced disqualification in a rather heart-wrenching turn of events.

Despite an impressive 106 consecutive hours of singing, surpassing the previous record, Guinness World Records officials disqualified Silver for breaching the organization's strict rules.

Guinness Records cited video evidence showing Silver taking breaks of up to two minutes between songs, a clear violation of the specified 30-second break allowance.

Silver acknowledged occasionally exceeding the prescribed break time but argued, “My seamless transition between songs should compensate for the extended breaks.”

Ghanaian event organizer and former beauty queen Afua Asantewaa is nearly done with her Guinness World Record Sing-A-Thon which has been trending on  with the hashtags #afuaasantewaasingathon and #OneGhana, and she has enjoyed tremendous support from Ghanaians who have thronged to the Akwaaba Village to witness the feat.

Mrs Aduonum's journey has become a symbol of inspiration, capturing the spirit of determination and excellence.

The Sing-A-Thon not only seeks to break a record but also serves as a testament to the rich cultural heritage and talent that Ghana possesses.

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