Chief of Voggu advocates for support for women in agriculture

Chief of Voggu advocates for support for women in agriculture
Naa Saaka

, Ghana – Naa Sulley Saaka, the Chief of Voggu in the Kumbungu Traditional Area of the , has called on stakeholders to provide support for women involved in agriculture and other agribusiness activities.

He emphasized the importance of prioritizing land allocation to women interested in , which would, in turn, enhance nutrition and in the country.

Naa Saaka made this appeal during an interview with the at an exhibition and fair forum in Tamale. He stressed that when women receive the necessary support, they can play a vital role in revitalizing the agricultural sector for .

In his community, Naa Saaka revealed that he has already taken measures to promote women's participation in agriculture.

As part of these measures, he has ensured that every woman is granted a mandatory one-acre piece of land for farming.

Additionally, he is collaborating with his elders to secure more land for the women in his area, enabling them to fully engage in commercial farming.

The Voggu Chief urged other traditional leaders across the country to follow suit by prioritizing the allocation of land to women interested in agriculture within their communities.

By doing so, he believes that they can help combat poverty and malnutrition while significantly boosting agricultural productivity.

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