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Chefs Association of Ghana advocates for food safety training

January 12, 2024
Chefs Association of Ghana advocates for food safety training: Ghana News

The Chefs Association of Ghana has urged the government to prioritize efforts in enhancing the skills and knowledge of Ghanaian chefs regarding safe food supplies.

Chef Isaac Sackey, the President of the Association, emphasized the importance of supporting chefs in deepening their understanding of food allergies and poisoning, especially with the expanding food industry.

Chef Sackey stressed the interconnection of food safety, nutrition, and security, asserting that continuous education on modern trends in food sciences is essential for ensuring good practices and food safety.

He highlighted the 's estimation of nearly one in 10 people worldwide falling ill due to contaminated food, resulting in 420,000 deaths annually.

Currently, the Association is conducting a training workshop for 350 chefs across the country, focusing on topics such as safe food handling, cross-contamination, hospitality industry standards, and food safety, among others.

The Skills Development Fund sponsors this initiative, aiming to enhance professionalism in the work of Ghanaian chefs, aligning with the nation's efforts to attract international tourists.

The Association's recent study revealed that a significant number of chefs lacked knowledge about food allergies, prompting the need for capacity-building.

Chef Sackey emphasized the importance of upgrading members' knowledge to prevent allergy-related incidents, especially in the wake of events like the ‘Year of Return,' during which the country experienced cases of consumers suffering allergies from dishes served in some facilities.

In light of the expanding Ghanaian food industry, the Association proposed a policy compelling hospitality facilities to serve a certain quota of local dishes.

Chef Sackey emphasized the potential economic benefits, stating, “This will encourage farmers to grow more as there will be a high demand for local food products, thereby boosting the local economy.”

Chef Michael Quainoo, an Executive Member of the Association, advised chefs undergoing the training program to take the lessons seriously, ensuring exposure to emerging trends in the chef profession in line with international standards.

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