Ya-Na Abukari II commends presidential candidates for clean campaigns

Ya-Na Abukari II commends presidential candidates for clean campaigns
Ya-Na Abukari II

In a notable display of statesmanship, Ya-Na Abukari II, the Overlord of Dagbon, has commended former President and Vice President Alhaji Dr , flagbearers of the National Democratic Congress () and the New Patriotic Party () respectively, for their conduct during the ongoing political campaign.

During a courtesy call by Former President Mahama at the Gbewaa Palace as part of his “Build Ghana” tour in the , Ya-Na Abukari II expressed appreciation for the dignified manner in which both candidates have conducted their campaigns thus far. He emphasized the importance of maintaining civility in political discourse, noting that divergent viewpoints should not breed enmity but rather foster healthy debate on development issues.

Ya-Na Abukari II underscored the significance of the leadership role assumed by the presidential candidates, urging them to focus on crafting messages that resonate with the aspirations of Ghanaians and contribute positively to national development. He urged Former President Mahama to strive to leave a legacy that would bring pride to his family and the nation as a whole.

In response, Former President Mahama expressed gratitude for the prevailing peace in Dagbon and pledged to reinforce structures that promote enduring peace in the region. He outlined key development initiatives aimed at improving infrastructure and social amenities, including roads, electricity, and healthcare facilities. Additionally, he pledged to upgrade the Hospital to a referral center to cater to medical needs in the eastern corridor.

Commending Ya-Na Abukari II for his proactive stance on security matters, Former President Mahama acknowledged the formation of a local task force to support law enforcement efforts in combating criminal activities.

Subsequently, Former President Mahama engaged with various artisans and professionals in the region, including blacksmiths, smock weavers, electricians, and healthcare workers, to gain insights into their challenges and concerns. The visit culminated in town hall meetings and interactions with community members in Gushegu Municipality and Mion District.

The visit not only provided an opportunity for Former President Mahama to familiarize himself with grassroots issues but also underscored the importance of engaging directly with citizens to address their needs and aspirations.

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