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YƐƐbrƐ oo! – Kama Group CEO Dr. Michael Agyekum Addo laments economic hardship in Ghana

April 2, 2024
Chairman of the Kama Group, Dr Michael Agyekum Addo
Kama Group CEO Dr Michael Agyekum Addo

In a candid revelation capturing the harsh economic realities faced by many Ghanaians, esteemed entrepreneur and Chairman of the Kama Group, Dr Michael Agyekum Addo, has spoken out about his struggles amid challenging times.

Dr Agyekum Addo, a self-made business icon in his 70s, expressed profound concern over the impact of the government's banking sector clean-up on his pension plans. He revealed that his decades-long savings, intended to support him in his old age, had been wiped out as a result of the clean-up exercise.

During a speech at a book launch, a viral video captured Dr Agyekum Addo lamenting the difficulties he faces with his business overheads, citing persistent pressure from the (GRA) and the (ECG). His poignant message was succinctly summarized with the Akan phrase, ‘YƐƐbrƐ oo', signifying the prevailing hardships.

Despite his remarkable success story, which has inspired many, Dr Agyekum Addo's recent revelations shed light on the challenges faced by even the most accomplished individuals in Ghana's business landscape.

Dr Agyekum Addo's journey from humble beginnings in Suhyen near to becoming a trailblazing entrepreneur is well-documented. In 2022, at the age of 72, he attained a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in Marketing and from the , emphasizing the importance of lifelong learning.

His remarkable achievements, coupled with his unwavering commitment to education and entrepreneurship, serve as a beacon of inspiration for both young and old alike. Dr. Agyekum Addo's resilience in the face of adversity exemplifies the spirit of perseverance and determination that continues to define Ghana's entrepreneurial landscape.

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