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Western Region: Uncle confesses to killing 7-year-old niece for money ritual

October 14, 2023
Western Region: Uncle confesses to killing 7-year-old niece for money ritual
suspected murderer and head warped

A shocking case of suspected has gripped the community of Wassa Nkyirifi in the , as a seven-year-old girl, Sandy Manu, was allegedly murdered by her own uncle for money ritual purposes.

The incident came to light when residents woke up to the horrifying discovery on Friday morning. The suspect, identified as Augustine, a 37-year-old farmer, had reportedly killed the young girl and buried her body in a nearby bush.

He then reported to the police that his niece had gone missing, initiating a public search for her.

Augustine's behaviour raised suspicions among the police, as his responses and intense concern for the missing girl seemed questionable. During interrogation, he eventually confessed to the gruesome crime, revealing his motive to evade poverty through a money ritual.

According to a police source, Augustine's confession detailed his contact with an elderly man who advised him to perform a money ritual using the head of one of his nieces.

Augustine sought the help of a spiritualist and subsequently killed Sandy, following the spiritualist's instructions. The victim's headless body was buried, while the head itself was concealed.

Following his confession, Augustine led the police to the burial site of the body and the location of the severed head. The body has been retrieved and deposited in a morgue, while Augustine remains in police custody.

The shocking incident has elicited reactions from the community and beyond, with a video of the body's exhumation being shared on by some community members.

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