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Weather Update: Ghana Meteo predicts dry and hazy conditions across country

December 15, 2023
Hazy weather in Ghana
Ghana hazy weather

The has forecasted relatively dry and hazy weather conditions of varying intensities across the entire country for today.

The visibility range is expected to be between 3 to 8 kilometres, persisting throughout the forecast period.

In the early morning, mist or fog patches are anticipated in select areas, particularly along the coastal, hilly, and forested regions.

While these conditions may affect visibility, citizens are advised to take necessary precautions during their morning commute.

However, there is a slim chance of showers occurring over some areas in the southwestern parts of the country later in the afternoon and into the evening.

The Meteorological Agency encourages residents in these regions to stay updated on weather developments and be prepared for any potential changes.

Ghanaians are reminded to stay informed about local weather updates and adhere to safety guidelines during varying weather conditions

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