We must not tolerate language of intolerance and division – Akuffo Addo

We must not tolerate any language of intolerance and division- Akuffo Addo
Akuffo-Addo President Of Ghana

President Nana Addo Dankwah Akuffo Addo has called on Ghanaians to reject any language of intolerance and division, emphasizing the unity of Muslims and Christians within the Ghanaian framework.

During the 20th celebration of the coronation of Nii Futa, the Chief of the Zongo community in Nima, a deprived community in , President Akuffo Addo highlighted the importance of tolerance and coexistence among different religious and tribal groups.

The celebratory events, culminating in a grand durbar on Sunday, showcased the rich cultural heritage of various ethnic groups in the community. President Akuffo Addo commended Chief Nii Futa for his exemplary leadership, particularly his dedication to social issues, including education.

Having lived in the community since the age of 12, the President expressed fond memories of his time there.

In his address, Chief Nii Futa advocated for increased representation of Zongo people in high offices, lamenting the absence of Zongo individuals in cabinet positions in both current and past administrations.

He raised concerns about the rising urban poverty in Zongo communities, attributing it to a lack of social and economic opportunities.

Addressing President Akuffo Addo, Nii Futa emphasized the gravity of urban poverty, stating, “Mr. President, you will agree with me that poverty is pretty much a major development in Ghana, and urban poverty is becoming a major threat to us as a country, a threat to our middle-income status.”

However, he acknowledged the progress made in addressing issues in Zongo communities through initiatives like the , aimed at fostering sustainable development.

“We live in a country where a Muslim minority can live peacefully and in harmony with a Christian majority. We live in a country where all the communities can co-exist, and that is the legacy we must cherish and preserve. We must not listen to anybody who comes to speak the language of division and exclusion,'' President Akuffo Addo stated during the celebration.

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