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Wa Naa calls on Upper West Regional Police Command to provide report on mysterious killings in Wa

June 20, 2024
Wa Naa calls on Upper West Regional Police Command to provide report on mysterious killings in Wa

Naa Fuseini Seidu Pelpuo IV, the Overlord of the Wala State, has requested the Regional Police Command to furnish the Traditional Council with the report on the mysterious killings, which plagued in 2022.

The request followed the killing of two private security guards in Wa on Tuesday, June 18, 2024, which caused fear and panic among the people in the region and Wa in particular.

A statement signed by Naa Pelpuo on Wednesday said they could not fight fresh killings in Wa without knowing what had happened to the people arrested in connection with similar killings in Wa about two years ago.

Nine people most of whom were private security guards were killed in Wa in 2022 and the police made some arrests but nothing has been heard about investigations of those cases to date.

“The Traditional Council has as a matter of urgency, requested for an update on the investigations into the previous ritual murders.

We cannot fight against fresh murders if we have no idea of what happened to those people apprehended after the previous ones,” the statement explained.

The chief indicated that the silence of the police service on the previous killings had, to a large extent, dampened the spirit of volunteerism in many people.

The statement said the Traditional Council had also requested the details in the Wa Municipality to work hand-in-hand with the team of young men in the Municipality “who know the terrain better” since security was a shared responsibility.

Naa Pelpuo said during a joint meeting of the Traditional Council and the Regional Security Committee (REGSEC) on Tuesday, June 18, 2024, some measures had been taken to ensure no life was lost in Wa again.

The measures included beefing up security with support from the Headquarters of the Security Services, increasing security patrols and security visibility in the Municipality and providing light at all the dark areas of the Municipality, among others.

The statement added that the Traditional Council had also directed landlords and hoteliers to report their guests who went out only at night for them to be investigated.

Naa Pelpuo, in the statement, appealed to the people to provide the security services in the municipality with relevant information to enable them maintain peace and security.

“We are assuring you all that these measures are being undertaken in conjunction with others, which for security reasons, we cannot put in the public domain.

Go about your work without fear, but with vigilance. Above all, support the system and put in place with valuable information and the Wala State will be free of these heartless criminals,” the statement added.

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