VIDEO: Controversial claims emerge as Bismark Ato Foster wades into ongoing feud between Bishop Obinim and Kennedy Agyapong

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The longstanding feud between Bishop Daniel Kojo Obinim, popularly known as Angel Obinim, and Member of for , Hon. Kennedy Ohene Agyapong, has taken a darker turn with recent revelations on a talk show.

In a recent episode of the show “The Seat,” Bismark Ato Foster made startling claims about the religious leader, alleging that Angel Obinim gave directions to his mother that resulted in her staying indoors for three days, leading to her death in Ekumfi Gyankoma.

During a phone-in testimony on the show, an individual identified as Uncle Solomon corroborated Ato Foster's claims, stating, “all that his nephew is saying is 100% true.”

Additionally, a Queen mother phoned in, disclosing that their family gold had mysteriously disappeared from their land, with Bismark Ato Foster again pointing fingers at Bishop Obinim as the prime suspect in the gold-related allegations.

Adding to the complexity of the accusations, Ato Foster further alleged that he believes Angel Obinim is involved in poisoning his victims after gaining access to their gold.

The controversy deepened when Hon. Kennedy Ohene Agyapong called into the show, sharing details about a certain lady named Akyaa in who, according to the MP, convinced her boyfriend Amoateng to retrieve his family's gold for Angel Obinim.

Akyaa reportedly faced a fate similar to Bismark Ato Foster's mother, and her boyfriend Amoateng was allegedly imprisoned for a decade or more by his own family.

Expressing concern over the escalating situation, Hon. Agyapong urged the to urgently exhume the bodies of deceased church members of Angel Obinim for thorough investigations into the allegations.

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