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Vibrant spectatorship and community engagement mark 13th African Games in Borteyman

March 12, 2024
Vibrant spectatorship and community engagement mark 13th African Games in Borteyman

Over the weekend, the multi-purpose sports facility in Borteyman, -West Municipality, witnessed a surge of enthusiastic spectators, predominantly parents and children, gathering to witness the thrilling competitions of the ongoing 13th . The (GNA) reported an influx of spectators who eagerly moved from one game centre to another, immersing themselves in the lively atmosphere of the sporting events.

Remarkably, access to the facility was granted freely, with no gate fees imposed, and ample parking space was provided for vehicles after security checks at the entrance. The stands, particularly those hosting wrestling and swimming competitions, teemed with spectators, resonating with cheers and excitement as they passionately supported their favourite athletes.

Ensuring the safety of attendees was paramount, as evidenced by the visible presence of police personnel and standby fire officers equipped with firefighting apparatus. Additionally, an exhibition stand set up by the allowed for interactive sessions with the public, offering insights into police ranks and mandates while providing opportunities for attendees, especially children, to try on police equipment and take memorable pictures.

The experience was not only entertaining but also educational, as expressed by Master Matias Teye, a young pupil thrilled to witness the games firsthand and try on police gear. Spectator Mr Kwabla Tetteh praised the facility's attractiveness, emphasizing the need for post-event maintenance to preserve its appeal as a recreational hub for families.

Pastor Charles Bediako, a food vendor at the venue, encouraged fellow Ghanaians to capitalize on the games as an opportunity for leisure and community engagement. However, he also called attention to the importance of adequately preparing Ghanaian teams for such tournaments, highlighting concerns raised by athletes regarding suboptimal preparations.

Reflecting on the impact of the games, student Miss Afiyo Manerh expressed newfound enthusiasm for sports, inspired by the athletes' dedication and the captivating ambience of the event. Her sentiments underscored the transformative power of sports in fostering youth engagement and inspiring participation in physical activities.

In conclusion, the vibrant spectatorship and community engagement witnessed at the 13th African Games in Borteyman exemplified the unifying spirit of sports and underscored the importance of creating inclusive and accessible spaces for recreational activities.

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