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Upper West gears up for 4th edition of Woori Festival

February 16, 2024
Upper West gears up for 4th edition of Woori Festival

The people of the Region are eagerly anticipating the 2024 edition of the Woori Festival, an annual event that celebrates the vibrant heritage of Ghanaian weaving and textiles. Organized by the Nubuke Foundation Centre for Textiles and Clay, this year's festival aims to bolster the weaving and textile sector while promoting sustainable artistic practices to ensure a prosperous future.

Themed “Weaving a Sustainable Future for the Next Generation,” the festival will highlight the transmission of cultural heritage and the promotion of sustainable practices. Scheduled to take place from March 1st to 3rd, 2024, with an exhibition running until June 30th, the festival promises a diverse array of activities including educational workshops, art exhibitions, live demonstrations, performances, film screenings, music, and a show.

Master weavers from various associations including the Nadowli Women's Weaving Association, the Tieta Weavers Association in Nandom, the Methodist School for the Mind, and the Wa School for the Deaf will lead workshops and interactive sessions. Traditional and contemporary weaving techniques, sustainable practices, and innovative textile design will be the focal points of these sessions.

Renowned weavers such as Sharllot Awe, Winifred Naah, Rosemary Kavening, Talata Tutiga, Anna Dakurah, along with master weavers from the Upper West Region, will grace the festival. Live demonstrations will provide attendees with a firsthand experience of the intricate processes involved in Ghanaian textile creation, from spinning and dyeing to loom weaving.

Special activities tailored for children and young adults will ensure their active participation and engagement in the festival. Additionally, textile-related artworks by contemporary Ghanaian artists and emerging talents will be showcased, including sculptures, paintings, digital illustrations, and multimedia installations.

Panel discussions and conversations featuring artists, cultural historians, fashion designers, and environmentalists will explore the role of weaving in Ghana's cultural identity and its potential for sustainable development. Cultural performances, music, dance, film screenings, and spoken word poetry will further enrich the festival, celebrating the rich cultural heritage of the Upper West Region and Ghana as a whole.

Madam Odile Tevie, Director of the 2024 Woori Festival, emphasized the festival's role as a platform for dialogue, learning, and inspiration. With a focus on engaging the next generation of artists and weavers, the festival aims to ensure that Ghanaian weaving traditions continue to thrive.

The Nubuke Foundation expressed gratitude to its partners and sponsors for their support in bringing the 2024 Woori Festival to fruition, underscoring the collaborative effort required to celebrate Ghanaian art and culture.

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