UNER student returns GH¢10,000 found money to owner

UNER student returns GH¢10,000 found money to owner
UNER Vice Chancellor

A remarkable incident unfolded on Monday when Master Frank Atta, a student at the (UNER), displayed an extraordinary act of integrity by returning a sum of GH¢10,000 he found to its rightful owner.

Together with his friend, Reindolf Boakye, Atta stumbled upon a diary containing the GH¢20 notes, securely sealed in a brown envelope, within the premises of the in .

The conscientious duo decided to deliver the money to Sompa FM, a radio station based in Sunyani, with the hope that an announcement would be made to locate the owner.

Sompa FM promptly broadcasted the message, leading to the arrival of a Reverend Minister, who wished to remain anonymous, at the station to claim his money.

In an interview with the (GNA), Master Atta expressed his conviction that his financial challenges, including unpaid university tuition fees, did not justify keeping the money.

He cited his Christian faith, specifically the teachings of the Methodist Church, which discourage individuals from claiming what does not rightfully belong to them. Master Atta firmly believed that taking the money would have been against the will of God.

“I am a Christian and a Methodist, and our teachings discourage us from taking something which doesn't belong to us. In fact, God frowns on such behaviour, and I don't want to do anything stupid to break my relationship with God,” he affirmed.

The Reverend Minister, a Pastor of the Assemblies of God Church, expressed profound astonishment at the godly character exhibited by the two young men. He commended them and encouraged them to continue living faithfully, adhering to biblical teachings.

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