Two individuals granted bail for alleged visa fraud scheme

Two individuals granted bail for alleged visa fraud scheme: Ghana News
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Two individuals have been granted bail in the amount of GH₵25,000.00 each with two sureties, following accusations of engaging in visa fraud.

Miruiel Naa Akosua Torgbor, also known as Kim, and her alleged accomplice, Jojo Bonah Koomson, both 23, were accused of collecting significant sums of money from three individuals under the false pretense of securing or visas.

Miruiel denied defrauding Dorcas Naa Oyoo Quartey of GH₵65,050.00 and USD3,500.00, Faiza Suraj of GH₵50,000.00, and Young Kwadwo Annan of GH₵30,000.00.

Koomson, on the other hand, denied abetting Miruiel. The next court appearance for the accused is scheduled for December 18, 2023, before Mr. Isaac Addo.

According to Police Inspector Wilhelmina Berlinda Kwafo, the victims included a nurse, a designer, and a student. Miruiel, operating under the guise of a Travel and Tour agent on Snapchat, allegedly perpetrated the fraud with premeditated intent.

The court heard that Dorcas, seeking to further her education in the United States, contacted Miruiel, who falsely claimed to assist in securing visas for her and her boyfriend, George Aggrey.

Miruiel allegedly demanded GH₵60,000.00 for visa processing, later suggesting a change in documents to permanent residency and demanding an additional GH₵40,000.00.

Between July and August 2023, Miruiel, aided by Koomson, allegedly collected a total of GH₵65,050.00 and USD3,500.00 from Dorcas.

When the complainant could not receive any documents in September 2023, she reported the case to the police.

During investigations, Miruiel admitted to the offense and implicated Koomson as her accomplice. The accused persons were tracked and arrested. Further reports from Faiza and Annan, victims of a similar visa fraud scheme, revealed that the accused had used the fraudulently acquired funds on luxurious lifestyles, including renting expensive apartments and cars in affluent communities.

After thorough investigations, the accused were charged with offenses related to visa fraud and brought before the court.

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