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Trotro driver remanded for allegedly stabbing passenger over 50 pesewas

February 10, 2024
Trotro driver remanded for allegedly stabbing passenger over 50 pesewas

Michael Oppong, a 51-year-old trotro driver, has been remanded into police custody by the Circuit Court for allegedly stabbing a passenger with a knife following a fare dispute over an additional 50 pesewas charge.

The victim, Ketogloh Mawunyegah Edoh, was treated for his wounds and discharged from the hospital pending further treatment.

Oppong, charged with causing harm, had his plea withheld and was remanded by the court, presided over by Mr. Simon Gaga, until March 25, 2024. However, the court awaits the outcome of the victim's surgery to assess the severity of the harm and remove an object identified by medics in the stabbed area.

Prosecuting, Police Chief Inspector Joyce Nyarko narrated that the incident occurred on February 5, 2024, around 2030 hours when the victim alighted from Oppong's vehicle at Global, a suburb in the West Municipality, after boarding it at Adjei-Kojo.

A dispute arose between the victim and Oppong over a 50 pesewas balance, leading to a quarrel. Allegedly, Oppong retrieved a knife from under his foot carpet and stabbed the victim in the back during the altercation. Onlookers intervened, disarmed Oppong, and rushed the victim to the New Crystal Hospital for treatment.

The complainant, Dziedzorm Edoh, the victim's wife, was alerted and handed Oppong over to the Kanewu Police station. The accused was subsequently re-arrested, and the knife was retained as evidence. The victim, after being discharged from the hospital, was found to have an object in the wound requiring further treatment through surgery.

The case remains under investigation as the court awaits the victim's recovery and further medical assessment.

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