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TRAGIC: Dawn accident claims 13 lives in Awoshie: Residents demand urgent road safety measures

December 25, 2023

In a devastating incident that unfolded on Saturday dawn around 3:45 am, tragedy struck in Awoshie, within the Ablekuma North Constituency, claiming the lives of approximately 13 individuals.

The fatal collision occurred when a public transport vehicle collided with an abandoned truck at the Banyard intersection in Awoshie, .

The red passenger vehicle, identified by its registration number GW 6302-21, crashed into an unattended truck with the registration number GB 8896-21, bearing the brand inscription “Everpure.”

The eyewitness account suggests that the driver of the red Toyota Hiace collided with the stationary KIA Rhino Truck, which was loaded with bags of sachet water and had been left parked in the middle of the road due to mechanical faults.

Tragically, all the victims were women, except for the driver, the mate, and a few others. The group was reportedly en route to Accra from Ablekuma at the time of the .

The incident has reignited longstanding concerns about road safety in the area, with residents pointing to the absence of traffic lights and street lights along the main Awoshie Pokuase Highway.

The lack of adequate illumination and traffic control infrastructure has been a persistent issue, raising questions about the safety of commuters, particularly during the night.

Residents are now calling on local authorities, including the Assembly Member for the Awoshie electoral area, the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE), and the Outgoing Member of (MP) Honourable Shiela Bartels, to urgently address the longstanding concerns.

They are demanding the swift installation and repair of street lights and traffic lights to enhance road safety.

“For how long will you look on while our people die? The time has come for the good people of Awoshie to come together and stage a mammoth demonstration against those in charge. It is time to hold them accountable,” expressed a concerned resident, highlighting the urgency of implementing effective measures to prevent such tragic incidents in the future.

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