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Tourism minister-designate has limited time to make much impact- Tourism Consultant

February 20, 2024
Tourism minister-designate has limited time to make much impact- Tourism Consultant
Mr Andrew Kofi Egyapa Mercer

Mr Emmanuel Frimpong, a Tourism Consultant, has expressed scepticism regarding the potential impact of Mr Andrew Kofi Egyapa Mercer, the Tourism Arts and Culture Minister-designate, given the limited time available. Frimpong believes that the complex nature of the industry demands significant time and attention, which may not be feasible before the upcoming elections.

In an interview with the , Frimpong highlighted the challenges faced by the tourism sector and suggested key areas for the Minister's designate's focus. He emphasized the importance of building stronger collaborations with the private sector and academia, as well as decentralizing tourism activities to the regions and districts.

Frimpong stressed the need for a comprehensive blueprint to guide the industry's activities, urging the completion of the draft national tourism development policy. He also emphasized the importance of training and skills development, particularly in customer service, and advocated for the resourcing of institutions like the Hotel Catering and Tourism Training Institute (HOTCATT).

While acknowledging the goodwill and enthusiasm of the outgoing Minister, Dr Ibrahim Mohammed Awal, Frimpong noted that many promises remained unfulfilled. He attributed some of the sector's challenges to the inefficiency of the private sector in advocating for necessary reforms.

Overall, Frimpong expressed doubts about the potential for significant progress in the tourism sector within the limited timeframe available to the Minister designate before the elections.

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