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TMA Authority Committee bemoans poor state of roundabouts in the metropolis

July 4, 2024
TMA Authority Committee bemoans poor state of roundabouts in the metropolis

The Authority Committee of the Metropolitan Assembly (TMA) has bemoaned in a report the poor state of most roundabouts in the metropolis.

Mr. Yohane Amarh Ashitey, the Tema Metropolitan Chief Executive, reading the Authority Committee's report at a general assembly meeting, said, “It was observed that most roundabouts in the metropolis are in poor states due to neglects and detracts from the aesthetic appeal of the areas, impacting the overall image and attractiveness of their surroundings.”

Mr Ashitey stated that, owing to this, the Authority recommended that all existing roundabouts in the Tema Metropolis be redeveloped.

The Authority Committee of the Assembly is enjoined under Section 21 of the Local Governance Act 2016 (Act 936) to exercise executive functions and coordinate functions of the District Assembly.

Touching on other issues, the Authority Committee also recommended the urgent completion of the renovation works on the Tema East Sub-Metro district structure to improve its structural integrity, improve the overall working environment of officers, and ensure smooth operations.

This, the report noted, would enhance safety and reliability as an enabler to stimulate economic growth and development in Tema Newtown and its environs.

It was also noted that the provision of free health screening and treatment for the TMA's dedicated and reliable sewer workers was crucial and demonstrated the Assembly's commitment to the well-being of sewer workers.

“This will help boost their morale, improve job satisfaction, and reduce absenteeism due to health issues. In view of this, the Authority recommends that management ensure all sewer workers of the Assembly are given free health screening and treated twice every year to ensure that they are healthy and contribute to the efficiency and safety of sewer operations in the metropolis,” it noted.

According to the report, it was part of the Assembly's responsibilities to implement policies, projects, programmes, and services for the comfort of its populace and ensure that strategic policies were adopted to enhance general security within the metropolis.

It added that, to that effect, the Authority recommends that the Divisional Police Commander of the Tema Metropolis be co-opted into the Justice and Security Sub-Committee to strengthen collaborations, enhance security planning, improve community relations, and promote effective governance.

Touching on road safety, the Authority Committee recommended that the TMA spearhead the construction of zebra crossings at vantage points and public schools aimed at curbing the issue of road accidents.

It indicated that this would ensure more accessibility for all individuals, including people with disabilities or mobility challenges, to safely navigate the city streets.

“You would agree with me that zebra crossings provide a designated and safer environment for pedestrians to cross busy roads to help reduce the risk of accidents and injuries.”

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