3rd Bienniel Traditional Talent Festival takes place in New Ningo

3rd Bienniel Traditional Talent Festival takes place in New Ningo
Bienniel Traditional Talent Festival

The Department of Culture and Tourism at the Ningo Prampram District Assembly (NiPDA) has held the third Bienniel Traditional Talent Festival (Tratalfest) at New Ningo within the Ningo Prampram District of the Greater Region. 

The Bienniel Traditional Talent Festival was under the theme of cultural Heritage in economic growth, with the aim of promoting culture to boost the local economy.  

Mr. Jerry Johnson, chairman of the event and a member of the African Diasporan Group, stated in his opening remarks that Africans were the true definition of humanity, hence the need to uphold and preserve their rich and unique cultural heritage.  

Mr. Johnson further explained that the African youth were the most imitated by non-Africans across the globe, saying the youth must recognize their history and be proud to be African.  

According to him, African culture's heritage was unique and could be used to create prosperity for its people.  

Mr Johnson called on the various stakeholders to imbibe the true African history into the children, adding that it will help correct the many misrepresentations the African continent has suffered over the years. 

Speaking to the on the sidelines of the event, Mrs Joyce Ayorkor Guddah, Ningo Prampram district director of Culture and Tourism, stated that the Bienniel Traditional Talent Festival was also to hunt for talents within the district. 

Mrs Guddah again hinted that the event would also serve as a precursor to the prelude hommowo festival, which would commence in August 2023 within the Ningo Prampram District. 

The Ningo Prampram Cultural and Tourism Director further said the changes in the academic calendar had affected their schedules but was quick to add that the anomalies that distracted the cultural events for the Schools had been rectified. 

Mr. Guddah noted that inculcating the rich African cultural Heritage into the students was the best way to promote African history, stressing that Ningo Prampram has all it takes to boost her cultural prospects through tourism.  

She called on the local residents to support the various cultural and traditional groups within the various communities so as to promote the cultural heritage of the people of Ningo Prampram.  

Afienya Vocational and Technical Institute, Ningo Senior High School, and Prampram Senior High School converge at the Ancestral wall at New Ningo in the Ningo Prampram District for the 2023 Biennial Traditional Talent Festival.


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