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There is no time for trial and error — NDC

February 16, 2024
There is no time for trial and error — NDC
Mr Fifi Kwetey

The National Democratic Congress () has issued a warning to Ghanaians against electing Vice President Dr as President in the upcoming December 7 elections. The party argued that the current economic challenges demanded a leader with experience, not one prone to “trial and error,” to alleviate the burdens on Ghanaians.

Speaking at a news conference in titled “John Mahama: A President You Can Trust,” Mr Fifi Kwetey, General Secretary of the NDC, criticized Vice President Bawumia and the New Patriotic Party () Government for inflicting hardship on Ghanaians. Kwetey contended that voting for Dr Bawumia would essentially grant President a third term, exacerbating the suffering of citizens.

The NDC questioned Dr. Bawumia's credibility, vision, and experience, asserting that he could not be trusted. They pointed out inconsistencies such as why the Vice President, as the NPP's Flagbearer, would propose removing certain taxes like the only if elected President.

Mr. Kwetey emphasized, “The Ghanaian people cannot endure another day of these suffocating taxes, let alone ten good months.” He called for the immediate abolition of the burdensome taxes imposed by the NPP government.

Highlighting the damage inflicted on families by the NPP, including financial hardships and unprecedented unemployment, Kwetey argued against granting them another term in office. He stressed that Ghana could not afford further “trial and error,” given the current state of affairs.

In contrast, the NDC portrayed John Mahama as an experienced and tested leader with the vision to rebuild the nation's foundation and rectify the socioeconomic challenges created by the NPP government. They described Mahama's vision as a call to action, urging Ghanaians to believe in the possibility of change and the power of their voices and votes.

Mr. Kwetey urged voters to treat the upcoming election as a referendum that would shape the destiny of the country for present and future generations. He concluded by advocating for hope, action, and progress, endorsing as a leader who embodies the nation's values, aspirations, and dreams.

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