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There goes our power supply again! Woga tsi dzo ake! Sad!

1There goes our power supply again! Woga tsi dzo ake! Sad!

This administration has thoroughly eroded the savings of numerous Ghanaians, thrusting them into dire economic straits through its visible incompetence and or egregious mismanagement of the national economy.

The consequences are deeply felt; diligent workers across both formal and informal sectors find their scant earnings insufficient to cover even the simplest journey home after a day's labour. The 's apparent collapse plays a major part in this.

Even a “common” one good meal a day has become a distant dream for many citizens. Moreover, the ongoing public and private disputes between the (ECG) and Ghana Grid Company Limited () ensure frequent power outages, compromising the preservation of essential perishable food items in so many homes nationwide.

Amid this visible turmoil, the President's response has been alarmingly passive, if any. His deputy too. This administration's lethargic and or incompetent approach thus far to the resurgent power crisis starkly contrasts with the frivolity displayed by its upper ranks, who indulge in lavish birthday festivities for a notorious figure linked to the infamous escape of tax-funded fowls, a scandal symbolizing alleged mismanagement and flight.

Such events, funded – perhaps – with profit from government contracts paid for by the very citizens left in darkness, while the light stays on for a lavish birthday party for just one elite, underscore a disturbing disconnect with the struggles of the average Ghanaian.

It is profoundly insulting that this government, which rose to power on commitments to rectify a power crisis mishandled by its predecessor, now blatantly disregards the demands of its citizens for a predictable load-shedding timetable.

Too soon, they seem to have forgotten how they came to form a government. The concerns of the citizenry no longer seem to matter to them. This neglect transcends policy failure; it is a profound betrayal of public trust.

No citizen deserves this level of mistreatment and or utter disrespect! Should this administration continue to virtually misconduct itself and or shirk its responsibilities, it must fully prepare for a decisive backlash from the electorate at the end of the year.

Put another way, an elected government too grand to heed the grievances of its citizenry invites its electoral defeat.

NanaToasoWai! NanaYiidziSia!


  1. The author is an activist, legal practitioner and journalist with 's Citi FM ↩︎

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