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The true origin of name the ‘Ghana’ according to Historian – The Ghanaian Standard

October 14, 2023
The true origin of name the 'Ghana' according to Historian - The Ghanaian Standard: Ghana News

Prominent historian Yaw Anokye Frimpong has dispelled the notion that the name ‘Ghana' was coined by a single individual, clarifying that it existed long before 's political emergence in the Gold Coast.

Frimpong asserted that the name dates back 600 years and was linked to the historical Ghana empire, which predated the formation of the country.

Speaking in an interview on Kafui Dey's channel, Frimpong delved into the roots of the name ‘Ghana'.

He stated, “The name, the concept, the entity Ghana, you know, is first mentioned in the Sahara many, many years ago, more than 600 years before Kwame Nkrumah mentioned the word Ghana.”

Frimpong elaborated that the Ghana empire, situated between , southern , and eastern , was the earliest among the Western Sudanese empires, which also included Mali and Songai.

He attributed the empire's fame to its abundant gold resources, emphasizing that the mention of Ghana was intrinsically linked with the precious metal.

“The empire was noted for gold,” Frimpong said, highlighting its global recognition. Gold was so pervasive in the empire that it was even used in burial rituals. “They buried the dead with gold.

They poured libation. Their women wore earrings and they wore clothes as the Ewes do. They also discovered that some of the people were in nature, just like Akans took plenty of gold and went away with it,” he continued.

Frimpong noted that the weight of the gold was unparalleled worldwide, making the Ghana empire a hub of gold trade and affluence.

“When they weighed the gold, it became the biggest amount that could be imagined anywhere in the world,” he noted.

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